Over 30 years of Bags to enjoy

from JOYTEX® – the specialist for long-lasting reusable carry bags!

Originally founded in 1985 by Hans-Jürgen Nienhaus under the name “Nienhaus Textilwerbung”, today the company specialises in the import and printing of innovative, durable carry bags. With competitive pricing and a customer-centric focus, JOYTEX provides attractive bag designs that are favoured by advertisers and designers who attach great importance to accurate motif implementation. Forming a perfect basis for a wide variety of layouts, high quality products of the JOYTEX brand are particularly effective as long-lasting marketing and promotional items, and are increasingly featured on merchandising shelves and in souvenir shops.

From the very beginning, the company built its strong reputation as a leading industry pioneer for high-quality prints on synthetic fibres such as nonwoven, through the import and refining of various textile products for the advertising, hotel and catering industries. Today, this long-established expertise continues to define JOYTEX as a front runner in the field of nonwoven fabrics printing. In addition to today’s “core product carry bag”, initial operations included the customization of T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, aprons and even terry towel items, such as bathrobes. The quality and reliability of “Nienhaus Textilwerbung” was well received in the booming advertising market of the 1980s, and the business grew with each new year. In 1991, the company moved into newly constructed office and production buildings in the Rhede Industrial Park. In four further construction phases over 16 years, the office buildings were extended, while in 2011 a high-bay warehouse was erected and the production hall capacity was increased to 9 printing machines, most of which were used for the printing of advertising bags. As the competitive landscape evolved, printed shirts, caps and bags were facing increased competition, and it was the realisation of motifs on carry bags made of different materials such as natural cotton in various grammages, dyes and woven patterns that distinguished JOYTEX in the market. 

By 2006, the motto “stick to what you know best”, or rather “Nienhaus, stick to your bags” had become a family slogan for success, and in the same year, Jürgen Nienhaus handed over responsibility for daily operations to his daughter, Katja Übbing-Mölders. With the change of management, she turned the family firm into a specialist manufacturer of long-lasting carrier bags that provide effective platforms for advertising messages. As early as 2000, her father had JOYTEX registered as a trademark, and in 2006 the company name was changed into Joytex GmbH & Co. KG. 

Product specialisation brings opportunity but also requires constant focus; “Our customer-centric approach and dedication to quality has always been a step ahead, and our commitment to developing new product ideas that are appreciated by the advertising industry has secured our favourable position in the market, and that is exactly why we will continue to work this way in the future,” says Katja Übbing-Mölders.

Today, a motivated workforce of over 50 employees uphold these principles at JOYTEX. The product range comprises carry bags from various materials, ranging from light-weight and reasonably priced synthetic fibres to natural cotton fibres, providing an assortment that has delighted clients throughout Europe with more than 350 different bag stock items and countless individual and special carry bag solutions, which are jointly developed with customers. These customers include printers and textile finishing companies who value JOYTEX bags for their quality and swift availability, as well as the advertising materials market, which appreciates the cost-effective pricing and professional printing results.

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