135 Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a bag with bottom and side folds. It has a very maritim look and is a real eye-catcher. It is made of heavy, durable canvas fabric. Copenhagen is suitable as a shopping bag, with the long handles it wears particularly comfortable – even over the shoulder. It is a medium sized bag and the ideal advertising medium for drugstores, pharmacies and medical supply stores. It´s even perfect as merchandise article for local communities not only near by the sea. The stepped base made of RAW-Jeans is always the same color as the handles of this special two-tone bag. Coloring when wearing and dyeing when washing the bag is part of the typical character of this Indigo quality. Beware of light clothing and upholstered furniture. Only with liquid detergent cold and wash inside out.

100% OEKO-TEX cotton (330 g/m²)
38 x 29 x 10 cm
Volume: 13 Liter
60 x 3,5 cm