134 Corfu

Corfu is a classic and very trendy duffel bag. It is made of 100% OEKO-TEX® certified Cotton in durable top quality. It is a very strong canvas with 330 g/m². Unlike the classic duffel bag, Corfu has two shoulder straps made of wide woven webbing with adjustable buckles. Because them it could be worn like a conventional backpack. Thanks to the particularly heavy canvas fabric, it is also well suited as a local merchandise for souvenir shops. The high-quality workmanship of this bag, with its drawstring and attractive eyelets, not only looks good, it also makes Corfu a true friend and travel companion.

100% OEKO-TEX cotton (330 g/m2)
Ø 30 x 50 cm 
Volume: 35 Liter
 with drawstring and shoulder strap