125 Verona

The Verona shopping bag by Joytex has folds on the sides and underside and is a tear-resistant alternative to the simple paper bags. The drawstrings of black nylon are fastened by means of dark staples. The bag consists of an exceptionally long-lasting combination of Non-woven material on the inside and recycled Kraft on the outside. The black folds on the sides make the solid Verona model to a boutique bag that offers a large number of design possibilities. The Verona model makes a perfect advertising medium that looks and feels good to the touch, and has the added advantage of being long-lasting and comfortable to carry. A remarkable detail are the black shadow folds on the sides. Ideal for single-colour patterns, with or without outline.

Paper / Non-woven (150 g/m²)
42 x 38 / 10 cm
Volume: 23 Liter
60 cm