118 Bozen

The Bozen shopping bag by Joytex has folds on sides and underside and is meant to carry bottles. The drawstrings of black nylon are fastened by means of dark staples. The bag consists of an exceptionally long-lasting combination of Non-woven material on the inside and recycled Kraft on the outside. The Bozen model is ideally suited to pack presents, bottles of wine, spirits or higher quality soft drinks, or beer glasses. It is just perfect for wine merchants, liquor stores and for all who want to make a present of a good bottle of wine. Bags to carry bottles in have to tear-resistant, and this is exactly the promise this bag by Joytex holds. 

Paper/Non-Woven (150 g/m2)
10 x 30 x 10 cm
Volume: 4 Liter
30 cm