Your expert for promotional bags

JOYTEX® is well know for development, production and printing of high quality textile bags for dealers and wholesalers of promotional items throughout Europe. Being an importer with own printing facilities in Germany, JOYTEX® exists since more than 25 years and employs up to 35 people.

Almost 1 million bags per month leave the premises on their way to the user in many European countries and overseas. Our new warehouse enables us to stock up to 5 million bags and by means of our enlarged printing capacity we are able to supply on a short term basis in order to stay foot with the requirements of the various markets. Sales and distribution shall only be realised through dealers and /or wholesalers of promotional items.

The high level of performance, service and trust shall further help JOYTEX® to grow, giving confidence to our customers and suppliers alike.

We are pleased to name the wholesaler nearest to you.


We participate in these fairs:

07. bis 09. Januar 2015
PSI // Düsseldorf

08. bis 12. Dezember 2014
A&O - Adventstour // Süd-Deutschland

01. bis 05. Dezember 2014
A&O - Adventstour // Nord-Deutschland